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A sense of comfort, independence
and family belonging

Seniors Home Care
Love and Care helps seniors to remain in an environment where they’re most comfortable. People who have lost the ability to perform tasks for basic personal needs find that they can maintain their dignity when at home. It can also be a tremendous relief to people and their families who feel safer knowing a care professional is accompaning them.

Our Core Values

Elderly people may have unique needs and challenges, and it's important to establish certain values towards them. Take time to understand their perspective, and treat them with kindness and dignity.

Better Care Starts with You!


"My mother had Alzheimers and Love and Care cared for my mother for nearly two years... first at home and later in a memory care facility.

Love and Care caregivers both loved my mother and helped her retain her dignity, two things for which i will always be grateful."  Click here to meet Janet


Ted Urschel

“II have been riding locally and to Los Angeles with Love and Care for serveral months now... I can not imagine a better service! they are punctual, caring, kind responsible.

There people are definetly angels, they go way beyong getting you to where you need to go (although, they definitely do that!)

I truly cannot say enough good about they certinaly have been a blessing to me!"  Click here to meet Gail


Gail Michelson

"I dont have enough words to express for the lovely and compassionate care that all the girls from Love and Care provided to my dad. He was in the need of 24 hrs care and LnC caregivers were always there to support and help. Brining happiness, empathy and love during the last days of life of my dad is for what i always be grateful..." Click here to meet David

                                                                   David Mares

Wanna know about other customers... Click here to meet Patricia

Patricia Standford

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