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A sense of comfort, independence
and family belonging


Our caregivers make a difference every day, bringing joy and comfort to the lives of their patients.


The story of our caregivers


If you want to know more about the persons who are going to take care of you, join us in the journey of discovering the human behind the picture became a professional caregiver.

About Love and Care

Love and Care is a Home Care Agency based in Santa Barbara California, we are focused on providing customized, personalized, and human care for the people that worked hard to build our present. 

Our company attracts compassionate, loving, and patient caregivers, with a strong family culture and the true belief that elderly persons deserve the best care possible. They took care of us, and we want to make sure they have a lovely and peaceful life. 

Together with our strong values and culture, Love and Care caregivers are best-in-class and well-prepared professionals that receive continuous training to perform their job with the state of the art information. We take care of our employees as if they were family members.

We have  become one of the leading providers of senior care in the Santa Barbara area. We believe in providing high-quality, personalized care that helps seniors live with dignity and independence in their own homes. Our team is made up of caring and compassionate professionals who are committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients.

The vision of Love and Care is to continue being the most reliable, trustable, compassionate, and professional caregiving agency in the State, providing care for those persons that are looking for very high-quality home care.

Seniors Home Care

Love and Care helps seniors to remain in an environment where they’re most comfortable. People who have lost the ability to perform tasks for basic personal needs find that they can maintain their dignity when at home. It can also be a tremendous relief to people and their families who feel safer knowing a care professional is accompaning them.

Our Core Values

Elderly people may have unique needs and challenges, and it's important to establish certain values towards them. Take time to understand their perspective, and treat them with kindness and dignity.








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